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Senate Bill Would Authorize Purchase of Turtle Bay Property


Sunday December 21, 2008

SB 2423 SD1 on Saturday.  The conference room was full of citizens who support the initiative and the only testimony in opposition was submitted by email from the resort owners.

News Coverage:     Honolulu Advertiser          KHNL

Also on Saturday, a new network of supporting organizations held a press conference with Sentator Hee to support the legislation.  At the time of the press conference, 15 groups had joined the network.  Three more joined the Koolauloa-North Shore Alliance that same day. Read the joint statement.

The Senate Committee on Water and Land Committee will vote on Tuesday on a bill to appropriate funds for the purchase of the undeveloped parcels at Turtle Bay.  Senators Clayton Hee and Robert Bunda heard testimony on

Deadline is extended for Turtle Bay sale


Friday October 03, 2008

Star Bulletin - 10/03/08

"Amid the upheaval in the financial markets, lenders of Turtle Bay Resort have extended a deadline to find a buyer before taking control of the controversial property on Oahu's North Shore."

Subdivision Application is Extended


Sunday September 28, 2008

The extent of this construction project appears to be a few survey stakes in the ground and a quick scrape of the grass along the side parkway with a grader.  It is unclear if they will be required to actually construct something.  - 10/03/08
Honolulu Advertiser from 09/28/08

Kuilima Resort Company was granted an extension to their two year old Tentative Subdivision Approval, which would have expired on September 29, 2008.  To qualify for the extension, the company now headed by Stanford Carr had to "begin construction."

Comparing a California Toll Road and Kuilima


Thursday September 25, 2008

"While taking in all of the stories of heroic activism yesterday, my mindseye wandered to another truly special and largely undeveloped treasure that is being threatened by commercial interests. The Turtle Bay area on the North Shore of Oahu has been facing similar threats of over-development in recent years."

Read the whole thing.

Kahuku Community Meeting on Resolutions


Monday September 08, 2008

Resolution 08-192 asks the City Administration to incorporate State processes and conditions when reviewing cultural sites.  It is well known that the Turtle Bay Resort is likely to have many ancient burials that could impact development plans.
Resolution 08-193 requests the Department of Planning and Permitting to enforce strict compliance with all applicable laws and unilateral agreement and special management area use permits and shoreline setbacks before issuign any permits or approvals related to any Turtle Bay Resort expansion.

Kuilima Resort Company has until September 29, 2008 to complete its subdivision application process.  Stanford Carr, the Interim Management Officer for KRC, has indicated that the company is pressing ahead and trying to complete the subdivision.

The legal question about a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement is still pending before the Itermediate Court of Appeals. - 09/08/08

Councilman Donovan Dela Cruz hosted a community meeting with Councilwoman and Mayoral candidate Ann Kobayashi on September 6th at Kahuku High School to discuss two resolutions that could ffect all residents of the North Shore and Ko'olauloa.

DOC Challenges Conditional Zone Change


Friday July 11, 2008

is challenging the 1985 Conditional Zone Change (Amendment) of 236 acres at Turtle Bay through the State Land Use Commission.  DOC is asking the LUC to issue an Order to Show Cause why the reclassification of the parcels of land near Marconi Road should not revert back to Agricultural Classification.

It is undisputed that conditions 1,2,3 and 7 of the nine conditions have not been satisfied.  A law established in 1975 requires substantial progress within five years so that zoning changes allow for true development rather than land speculation.  

At the LUC Hearing on July 11, 2008, the State Attorney General's office suggested that the Commission can amend the order to require a specific timeline.  Kuilima Resort Company's attorneys claim that no time requirement was implied in the reclassification action 23 years ago and it is likely they will contest any effort to put a reasonable timeline going forward.

The LUC will take the matter under advisement and they have asked KRC to provide a status report of the approval conditions by September 18, 2008.

KHON Report - 07/11/08
Honolulu Advertiser - 07/12/08

Defend Oahu Coalition

Don’t let opportunity to acquire Turtle Bay slip away


Monday June 30, 2008

Honolulu Star Bulletin Editorial - 06/30/08

"The state's proposed acquisition of the Turtle Bay resort and undeveloped land surrounding the North Shore is proving to be as complicated as anticipated, but the public's support of the plan to preserve at least part of the open space necessitates every effort be made."

Stanford Carr meets the Advisory Group


Monday June 30, 2008

Mr. Carr claimed that community opposition to the expansion and the Task Force actions were creating uncertainty which hurts hotel bookings.  When asked if the resort owners could remove this perceived uncertainty with a clear statement that they were committed to the success of the existing hotel, he agreed.
Unfortunately, it seems the money guys in charge of the Turtle Bay Resort are still not ready to hear the clarion message of Hawaii's residents and visitors from around the world: KEEP THE COUNTRY COUNTRY!
This Star Bulletin article also omits the the fact that credit markets and development plans around the world have dried up, so few developers would be eager to step into this troubled project.  - 06/30/08

Stanford Carr, recently hired Interim Management Officer (IMO) of Kuilima Resort Company, acknowledged to the Turtle Bay Advisory Working Group that the company is still pressing ahead with its controversial subdivision application.

Working to Protect Oahu's Country


Friday June 06, 2008

Honolulu Advertiser, Bill Paty, Chair of the Governor's Turtle Bay Advisory Working Group, explains the benefits of the initiative.
"The governor asserted, and correctly so in my view, that "far too long and too often, important pieces of rural Hawai'i have been sold to the highest bidder and then developed into something that forever changed the essence and character of the entire area." As a community, regardless of whether we live in the city or country, on O'ahu or one of the other islands, we owe it to Hawai'i's future generations to preserve special places like the Turtle Bay property."  

In an opinion piece for the

Governor Signs Bill to Acquire Turtle Bay


Thursday June 05, 2008

From the Honolulu Advertiser - 06/05/08 Governor's Website  - 06/06/08

"With North Shore business and environmental leaders looking on in approval, Gov. Linda Lingle last night signed a bill into law authorizing the state to acquire the Turtle Bay Resort and keep some of the undeveloped land in preservation."

Stanford Carr to Manage Kuilima Resort Company


Saturday May 24, 2008

Honolulu Advertiser report  - 05/24/08 Star Bulletin report - 05/24/08 

Local developer Stanford Carr has taken over management of the Turtle Bay Resort, replacing Nicola Jones, who is stepping down as CEO of Kuilima Resort Company.
The creditors and resort owner renegotiated the $400 million debt, announced the management change for the resort parcels and clarified that the mauka farm lands will be still be controlled by Oaktree Capital Management, LLC.
Management changes have no effect on our pending litigation seeking a supplemental EIS, Defend Oahu Coalition's challenge to the 1986 Conditional Land Use Change, or the resort's tentative subdivision application that may expire on September 29, 2008.
One hope that Stanford Carr considers the public interest as he moves forward with his task.  As Bob Nakata was quoted, "He doesn't want a public relations disaster, because he has other business interests in town."

SF Gate Article on Turtle Bay Initiative


Monday May 12, 2008

Read the whole thing.  - 05/12/08
Another version in USA Today

"Far from the bustle of tourist-filled Waikiki, a rare stretch of undeveloped Hawaii beachfront on Oahu's North Shore has long been under dark clouds of economic troubles and fears of irreparable environmental loss.
Now, the state is stepping in to offer what Gov. Linda Lingle and others call a "green lining" - an opportunity to buy and conserve land surrounding the Turtle Bay Resort that might not be available in better financial times."

Wall Street Journal on Green-Lining


Monday May 12, 2008

Read the article  - 05/12/08

"There's a green lining to the real-estate cloud: Developers are dropping plans to build on some choice pieces of land and instead are selling it for such uses as public parks and nature preserves."

Ecotourism success stories revealed


Monday May 12, 2008

"The goal of sustainable tourism becomes easier to achieve when there is a shared vision from government officials, business leaders and the community, according to two visiting experts who have seen the model successfully implemented in other visitor destinations."

From the Honolulu Advertiser  - 05/12/08

Turtle Bay purchase a tricky undertaking


Monday May 05, 2008

"(S)eldom does enough political will, opportunity and desire to preserve such a large swath of shoreline on a largely urbanized island materialize, and the possibility of obtaining land as a public legacy for future generations should be explored thoroughly.

"That said, Gov. Linda Lingle, who came up with the idea, has a duty to cut a good deal in negotiating for purchase of the property."

"Acquiring the property is a huge undertaking and will likely be costly. At all stages, the public should be fully informed about the project and allowed to comment."

Star Bulletin Editorial - 05/05/08

Legislature Supports Turtle Bay Resort Purchase


Friday May 02, 2008

SB 2423, a bill supporting Governor Lingle's bold initiative to buy the Turtle Bay Resort property and preserve it from unwanted, massive development.
News Reports Honolulu Advertiser  - 05/02/08 Honolulu Star Bulletin  - 05/02/08 KGMB-9  - 05/02/08
Other legislation that passed this year:
SB 2198 establishes a land conservation incentive tax credit. SB 3102 establishes a State Land Conservation Fund.

State lawmakers gave final approval to

Save Turtle Bay? Yes!


Friday April 11, 2008

Read George Ariyoshi's full comments in Hawaii Business Magazine

"As a person who stuck my neck onto the political chopping block on behalf of preserving the windward and north shores of Oahu, I welcome the governor’s recently stated desire to contain development and preserve open space on the island’s northern tip at Turtle Bay. No single idea about a strategically located piece of land could more influence the long-term character of the island of Oahu. I wish her every success in her stated vow to acquire the Turtle Bay Resort area before her term is out. Because this will be so costly, it will require a sustained effort and widespread political support."

1986 Land Use Change is Challenged


Thursday April 10, 2008

Defend Oahu Coalition is asking the state to rescind a 1986 reclassification of 236 acres at Turtle Bay, saying that the owners of the property have failed to implement conditions attached to the reclassification.
"Of the nine conditions originally attached to the commission's reclassification order, many have not been met after more than 20 years," said Bob Nakata, co-chairman of the coalition. "We are calling on the Land Use Commission to rescind its 1986 reclassification order based on these facts."
From the Honolulu Advertiser  - 04/10/08
UPDATE: At a preliminary hearing on April 24, 2008, the LUC set a June 5 hearing for a petition filed by the Defend Oahu Coalition urging the agency to rescind its 1986 reclassification of 236 acres in Kahuku from agriculture to urban.  - 04/27/08

1986 Land Use Change is Challenged

Town Square Radio Discusion on Turtle Bay


Thursday March 27, 2008

Town Square, an interactive forum for political, social, educational and cultural issues of local, national and international importance, every Thursday on KIPO, 89.3 FM , from 5 to 6 p.m.
The Town Square topic for March 27, 2008 was the Turtle Bay Initiative.  Gil Riviere and Doug Cole, both from Keep the North Shore Country,  and Denise Antolini, UH law professor and member of the Turtle Bay Task Force, and Linda Smith, Senior Policy Advisor to Governor Lingle, were guests. 
Listen to the program here.  (59 minutes, MP3)

Beth-Ann Kozlovich hosts

Honolulu Weekly Cover Story on Turtle Bay


Thursday March 20, 2008

The March 5 issue of Honolulu Weekly featured a well written story on the Turtle Bay Resort controversy.  Read it here. 

Turtle Bay Plan Gains Support


Sunday March 16, 2008

There is progress on several fronts, with the administration trying to get federal money for the purchase, the Legislature moving the legislation along and community members lobbying lawmakers to make sure it happens."
Honolulu Advertiser  - 03/16/08

Even though lawmakers are killing off much of the governor's legislative package, support is strong for a bill authorizing the purchase of the Turtle Bay resort.

Turtle Bay Bills Clears Water and Land Committee


Monday March 10, 2008

Yesterday a House committee approved the bill to permit Gov. Linda Lingle to stop development by arranging for the purchase of the Turtle Bay resort and surrounding property.
Hawaii Public Radio  (mp3)  - 03/10/08 Star Bulletin article  - 03/11/08

Plans to halt development of the Turtle Bay area are gaining momentum in the state Legislature, according to House and Senate supporters.

Governor Announces Working Group


Monday March 10, 2008

working group to advise the Administration on how to acquire and preserve for public use the Turtle Bay property on O‘ahu’s North Shore.
The 17-member Governor’s Turtle Bay Advisory Working Group will help develop and review various ideas, recommendations and plans that are being proposed on how to acquire the 850-acre property that includes almost five miles of pristine coastline.  The Advisory Working Group will also serve as a communications channel to the Ko‘olauloa-North Shore communities.  - 3/10/08
Read More

Governor Linda Lingle today announced she has formed a

Hundreds Turn Out to Support Governor's Initiative


Wednesday March 05, 2008

Governor's Turtle Bay webpage Reasons to Support the Initiative

News Reports - 03/05/08

Aloha Bumbye     Honolulu Star Bulletin     Honolulu Advertiser
KITV      KGMB      KHNL      KHON      KHPR  (mp3)

The Kahuku High School cafeteria was filled with hundreds residents who enthusiastically supported the Governor's plan to acquire the Turtle Bay Resort that is presently in foreclosure.  Positive energy and comments filled the room.  The Governor and most of her top level staff were present, along with Senators Hee and Bunda, Representatives Magaoay and Ward, and residents from up and down the coast and as far away as Hawaii Kai.  

Governor's Meeting with Oaktree Set


Wednesday February 27, 2008

"Gov. Linda Lingle and owners of the 880-acre Turtle Bay Resort will meet for the first time next month to discuss a state proposal to buy the resort, Lingle said yesterday."  Read the rest at the Honolulu Advertiser

Senate Ways and Means Passes SB 2423


Tuesday February 26, 2008

'This puts all the options on the table, and now the parties can negotiate,'Bunda said."   From the Honolulu Star Bulletin.  Here, too, is KGMB's Report -02/26/08

"The Senate Ways and Means Committee approved Senate Bill 2423 yesterday, which gives Lingle the authority to either buy or condemn the property.
Sen. Robert Bunda (D, Wahiawa-North Shore), who is backing the proposal along with Sen. Clayton Hee (D, Kahuku-Kaneohe), said the committee's action should allow continued discussion on the proposal.

Koolauloa Advisory Panel Opposes Expansion


Friday February 22, 2008

An advisory group is recommending that all new resort development at Turtle Bay be stricken from a city plan that guides population and future land use in the island's communities.  Read more

Governor Lingle Corrects Radio Host


Thursday February 07, 2008

Governor Lingle challenged Rick Hamada about his recent article regarding her intiative to preserve the undeveloped lands of the Turtle Bay Resort.  Speaking on the Rick Hamada Radio Show, the Governor set the record strait about the advantages of pursuing this initiative.  Listen to it here.  The discussion on the Turtle Bay Resort is in the first segment and during the conclusion.

Beach Access Rally on February 2nd


Saturday January 26, 2008

is organizing a state-wide rally, from 10 a.m. to noon on Groundhog Day,  to raise awareness about the pitiful shortage of public beach access around the state, including numerous rights of way that are illegally blocked.  This rally is supported by many organizartions throughout the state, including Surfrider Foundation's Oahu ChapterDefend Oahu CoalitionKaheaWindward Ahupuaa Alliance,  Common Ground HawaiiHawaii Kai Hui and others.
Find the rally locations and latest updates at Beach Access Hawaii.  - 01/26/08

Beach Access Hawaii

Governor Calls for Purchase of Turtle Bay Resort


Tuesday January 22, 2008

State of the State Address

Transcript of the Address



David Shapiro perfectly explains why this initiative must be explored and why the naysayers should hold their criticism in check long enough to honestly consider the merits of saving the North Shore from overdevelopment.  -01/30/08

The Governor has followed up with this statement on the benefits of proceeding with this initiative.  -01/30/08




Please take a minute right now to send a letter of support.  Thank the Governor for taking the lead and ask our leaders to help come up with the solution on this important issue.  Click the links below to access the email addresses.
Governor Linda Lingle
Mayor Mufi Hannemann
Advertiser Letters to Editor
Star Bulletin Letter to Editor

Find your State Representative's information here
Find you State Senator's information here
Find your City Councilmember's information here

News Reports
Honolulu Advertiser  Surprise  Support
Honolulu Star Bulletin  Opinion  Community  TBR Reaction
Pacific Business News
KHON - 2
KHNL - 8  Video
KITV - 4 Gov Confident

Governor Linda Lingle showed true leadership in the State of the State Address by announcing a bold initiative to purchase the Turtle Bay Resort and help preserve the Country for future generations. “I propose that the Legislature, my administration and community leaders form a working group to explore options and develop an action plan to make sure that this property stays in public lands,” Lingle said. -01/22/08


Monk Seals at Turtle Bay Resort


Thursday January 10, 2008

One new and obvious change since the 1980s is the presence of endangered monk seals.  While no more than two monk seals per year were sighted between 1985 and 2000, there were 54 sightings of monk seals at the property in 2006 and a pup was born in June of that year.  Here are some photos taken by Katye  Killebrew on January 6, 2008.

Appeal Briefs are All In


Thursday January 10, 2008

It is too early to know if the Appeals Court will schedule oral arguments or if they will request more information before ruling on the very important issue of a government agency's requirement to order supplemental environmental impact statements.

Keep the North Shore Country submitted the final briefs to the Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals on December 28, 2007.  The two Reply Briefs were submitted in response to the Answering Briefs from the City and County of Honolulu and Kuilima Resort Company, which likewise has been submitted in response to the Opening Brief.

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